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Why some hotels don’t accept dogs?

Why some hotels don’t accept dogs?

by Rizo Black, 12 February 2018

Why some hotels don’t accept dogs? – Dog In Travel INVESTIGATION.

“Irresponsible dog owners DIG PITS for themselves…” 🐕 

Recently in the Net we have read a statement that “the worst enemy of a dog owner is another dog owner”… It was all about e-HATE & sermoning others on e.g. behaviour or arguments during dog-walking. It seems, that there are often MISUNDERSTANDINGS during dog-walks mostly about an UNLEASHED dog, POO left on the lawn or AGGRESSIVE PLAY.

Fortunately, we haven’t experienced any of the above. The only thing that drives us crazy is NOT CLEANING THE POO. A few times, when we entered onto grass to clean Mr Dog’s “brown beans”, we’ve stepped into somebody else’s…

But… having been in Dog In Travel business for a while, we’ve noticed another PROBLEM, which AFFECTS all dog owners:
Due to the character of our service, we often deal with hotel or hostel owners and managers. Although, there is a general trend that places mostly ARE OPENING FOR GUESTS WITH DOGS (and they are happy to join our MAP), but we’ve come across a few cases that WORRIED US (fortunately, there were really only few). The problem is „UN-DOG-FRIENDLING” of hotels or hostels. What’s that? ❓🐕 

Well, a hotel / hostel, which we’ve known from our travels as dog friendly, or You – the Readers - report to us, that a place was dog friendly, sometimes changes their policy and INFORMS that “WE USED TO BE DOG FRIENDLY, but now we are NOT”. Why? ❓

Your first guess is, probably, “ALLERGIES.” But NOT – that’s not the issue, as in a CIVILIZED TOURISM BUSINESS it’s not a problem any longer: there are special ANTISEPTICS and cleaning substances, which every hotel owner should use, anyway. The ALLERGIES are just the favourite EXCUSE in the hotels, which had never been dog friendly and will never be… 🐾🐾

THE REASON behind „UN-DOG-FRIENDLING” is sad: irresponsible dog owners “dig pits” under other dog owners…
What does it mean? What do they do? We talked to a few hotel owners to get to the BOTTOM. Here are the results of our “investigation”, namely „FIVE SINS of dog-vellers” & ANTi-behaviors, which cause some hotels close their gates for dogs:

Anti-behaviour no 1: 😱

„There came a lady with her two dogs. The pups slept on the floor, on the BLANKET taken off from the bed. After their stay, we had to throw the blanket to the garbage, as even after washing, we couldn’t get rid of plenty of dogs-hair.”

Anti-behaviour no 2: 😱

“Last Christmas we had a couple with two dogs staying. The dogs jumped on CLOTHED beds with FILTHY PAWS. The PAW-PRINTS would not disappear from the bed-covers even after several washings.

Anti-behaviour no 3: 😱

“There was this lady with a CAT. Only after she had left, we realised, that the cat PEED on the MATTRESS. Everyone knows how cat’s urine smells like… We had to dispose of this mattress and get a new one, which is quite an expense…”

Anti-behaviour no 4: 😱

„We hosted a family with a child. They often went out LEAVING the DOG BEHIND in the bungalow. The dog dodn’t feel safe in the new place, so he wanted to get away and SCRATCHED the door. The shabby  door are still the reminder of THE family.”

Anti-behaviour no 5: 😱

„We always ask the dog owners to walk the “fur-mates” OUTSIDE the camp area, as there are often families with kids. A few times we found poos in the sandpit (!). Because of hygienic regulations, we had to exchange all the sand. Besides, we came across excrements all around the area, in various nooks of the garden…”

Dear, we really get pissed off! It is UP TO US – dog-lovers, if We together with Mr Dog will be WELCOME and if we can travel freely. Reading the above “confessions” of hotel-owners, no wonder they are fed up with “dog-heads” and SHUT their doors… We know, that You (who’s reading this) and most of our Readers are RESPONSIBLE Dogrents and, surely, you get angry, as well. Maybe SHARE this article with your LESS-responsible FRIENDS…?

Below a few TIPS, how NOT to MAKE a NEGATIVE IMPRESSION ❤️🐕🐾🐾:

  1. PRIMO!!! Always CLEAN after Mr Dog; no matter if someone is watching you or not / if it’s night or daylight / if it’s a huge poo or tiny one.
  2. If Mr Dog has FILTHY PAWS, don’t let him onto the bed (at home you wouldn’t do that either). The fact, that the bed-clothing is not ours, doesn’t mean we can trash it. But with CLEAN PAWS… well – that’s a different story 😉
  3. Take Mr Dog’s BLANKET with you when you travel. Firstly: he’ll feel better with ‘his’ smells, secondly: we won’t FURminate the hotel’s clothes (some of the hotels on our MAP already offer blankets or beds for Mr Dog).

4. On no condition should you let Mr Dog PEE in the room (on the bed, carpet or furniture), but if it happens, that Mr Dog “signs” his new territory, CLEAN it WELL right away.

5. Try NOT TO LEAVE Mr Dog alone in the room / bungalow, as in a new place he can get nervous and anxious and will try to GET OUT, what can result in a ‘door-doom’… (If we really have to leave Mr Dog for a minute, secure the door e.g. by blocking the door with a chair or putting up a bath-towel or a blanket on the door).

DEAR Dog-Friends ❤️🐕 😎🐕🐾🐾  so let’s TRAVEL and SPREAD the DOG-CULTURE with capital “C” into the world, so the doors OPEN before Us, not shut 😉 ENJOY your VOYAGES!

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