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When you really can’t take Mr Dog with you…

When you really can’t take Mr Dog with you…

by Rizo Black, 2 February 2017

If you finally are in this awful situation, when you can’t take Mr Dog with you on holidays, there is no dog-hotel nearby and, unfortunately, your family is going away exactly at the same time – there is an alternative option!

A pet-sitter can come to your house, who will TAKE CARE OF YOUR FUR FRIENDS. But… let’s face it: it’s an opportunity for those, who live in touristic and attractive locations. Do you know anybody, who would like to stay a week in a Nowhere village?

However TrustedHouseSitters website works the other way round, too: you can SLEEP FOR FREE IN RETURN FOR PET CARE. You’ll look after left at home pets, while their owners are on holidays.

How do you like the idea of free stay in Italy, Denmark or Australia in exchange for caring for a dog, cat, rabbits, chickens, horses or… alpacas?

Currently, there are ca. 100 countries to choose from on TrustedHouseSitters.com and there you can select a house, a flat, a villa or even a castle!

The website works similarly to Airbnb and its founders, Londoners, Andy Peck and Rachel Martin, explain how the idea was born: “Our website is the answer to the problem of many people, who are limited by their pets if they want to travel, as they can’t leave them on their own”.

The only cost is the monthly membership (subscription) which amounts for ca. 10 dollars.


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