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Take Your Dog to Work Day

Take Your Dog to Work Day

by Rizo Black, 22 June 2017

Every year on the last Friday of JUNE in UK & USA “Take Your Dog To Work Day” is celebrated. Bizarre? Not really – there are many positives about it. The prime reason why we, Dog people, like it is because it’s the aim of OUR CAMPAIGN “Mr Dog in Public Space” and encouraging people to spend time with their dogs.

The action was started by Brits in 1996 and later in 1999 introduced in the USA. Then Canada, Australia and New Zealand followed (but in lower degree).

The action was the IDEA of Pet Sitters International society who launched “Take Your Dog to Work Day”.


Some may think, that it’s a caprice and unnecessary fuss, but in fact the action has a deeper POINT. Its point is to PRESENT a dog as a pleasant COMPANION in everyday life & encourage other people to ADOPT a dog. ❤️❤️❤️

On that day many companies organize fund-rising and the money is donated to a local animal shelter. ❤️🐕❤️

According to the Pet Sitters society, in the first action 500 firms participated and the number is growing, but no records are held, as it’s free and no one subscribes.


Of course, we love the idea, as according to our “Dog” campaign and actions, we promote introducing dogs into public space and fight against keeping dogs all-day-home-alone. Thanks to the idea “Take Your Dog to Work”, Mr Dog will have the chance to spend time with his Lady or Man 🙂

We relentlessly claim that Mr Dog is a very social creature and staying long hours at home alone affects his psychical and physical health.

But before we take Mr Dog to work, we have to remember:
* Mr Dog must be well-behaved – not to be a nuisance for the co-workers
* at the office there are no persons with dog-phobia (traumatised) or allergic to dogs
* Mr Dog will have his own space where he feels safe
* the health and safety regulations allow the presence of animals in this kind of business


The scientists from Virginia Commonwealth University presented their research: the increasing stress at work leads to occupational burnout which, in turn, is the cause of efficiency decrease. According to the research, the presence of a dog can prevent it.
The research was carried out in certain companies, where the workers were allowed to have dogs on them and the researchers observed the behaviour both the dog-owners and their co-workers (people who don’t have animals).
Randolph T. Barker, the professor of Faculty and Research notices:
„On the days when someone brought the dog to work, substantial differences in workers stress level were observable. The entire team also enjoyed greater satisfaction from work.” – said the professor in the interview for Science Daily (STUDY documents here CLICK!)

In Poland there are a few famous “dog-workers”:

Boxer Kafel ‘chills-out’ the atmosphere in the chambers (Warsaw)

Golden retriever Muffy de-stresses workers in an IT company:

Miss Doggy keeps company her Lady in taxi company (Toruń)

Pitbull Fokus keeps an eye on the flower business:

Photo by TVN24

Greyhound Django on the 14th floor (!) of Warsaw “biz-hell” helps in interactive-agency:

Photo by TVN24

Photo by TVN24

Is your Boss fogfriendly and allows dogs in the office?

Maybe next year you organize TAKE YOUR DOG TO WORK? ❤️

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