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Super dog friendly hotels in US. Other hotels – learn a lesson!

Super dog friendly hotels in US. Other hotels – learn a lesson!

by Rizo Black, 5 May 2017

We heard about some really dog-friendly hotels in US, but when we contacted them & got more info, we were positively STUNNED!

Photo credit: Kimpton Hotels

Meredith, the spokeswoman for Kimpton Hotels (a hotel chain) told us something, that made us grin from ear to ear: “Our pet policy is pretty simple: if the pet can fit through the hotel doors, they’re welcome to stay with us!
That’s not all: “We have NO size, weight or breed RESTRICTIONS and never tack on additional charges.”
At a minimum, each of their 60 hotels provide:
– water bowls,
– treats,
– pet beds,
– toys,
– ‘pooper-scooper’ bags

Most of Kimpton hotels also give their unique offerings, which differ from locale to locale. Typical PET GREETINGS include writing their NAME on chalkboards in the lobby, and gifting them with special TREATS.

Photo credit: Kimpton Hotels

Kimpton Onyx Hotel in Boston, MA, offers a cozy BED for Mr Dog or a scratching POST for Mr Cat. The dog beds have a Bird Avenue “Boston Fenway” theme, featuring a fleece top decorated with a picture of Kenmore Square.

Some hotels even have a FOUR-LEGGED “DIRECTOR of Pet Relations,” whose job it is to ensure pet amenities are up to snuff and provide a very personal welcome.
In Kimpton Hotel Palomar in San Diego, CA, Ms. Posh Parker is a lovely Jack Russell Terrier who, between welcoming guests, lives the good life at the dog spa or lounging poolside.


Dog In Lobby of Hotel Teatro

Another quite renown petfriendly hotel is Hotel Teatro in Denver. It is a top pet-friendly hotel in the centre of Denver. It was called “The Best Hotel in Colorado” by PET FRIENDLY magazine.

The Hotel do their best to be extremely doggie friendly. With their lavish rooms and suites they have no problem with being open for dogs. They are not afraid of a dog destroying something, even though the rooms are really exclusively furnished. They treat your pet as a fully-fledged traveller and friend.

Why are they special?

1st and foremost:
The hotel accepts ALL sizes and breeds and there is no weight limit.

2nd reason:
Mr or Mrs Dog stays for FREE at Hotel Teatro according to the rule: all dogs receive complimentary accommodations in Hotel Teatro’s luxurious rooms – with their owners’ stay.

3rd cause:
The hotel can provide dog MEAL if you need such, at no additional fee. It’s great, especially if your dog is on a diet or has special nutricional needs.

4th point to mention:
Special ‘extravagant’ services for especially-discerning doggies and their owners: the hotel can arrange:
a “Pawdicure” at a nearby pet spa
a massage, as Hotel Teatro works with a certified canine massage therapist that is located close by. This massage specialist provides special therapeutic services for dogs. Several types of massages are available, including a Calming Relaxation Massage, a Maintenance Massage to assist with circulation, and a Post-Injury/ Post-Surgical Massage to speed a healing pet’s recovery time.

They are popular with celebrities. 
Hotel Teatro hosts the canine companions of many famous pet owners, for example Sheryl Crow, Jessica Simpson or Christine Aguilera.


The only PROBLEM is the price: double room starts at 195 dollars a night…

Do we really have to be rich to have our dogs treated properly? Is this MONEY that buys TOLERANCE & FRIENDLINESS…? 😒

We hope, that soon dogfriendly places won’t depend only on your wallet.

And here you can see an example of ANTI-DOG FRIENDLY hotel – HYATT’s pet policy

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