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Passport for Mr Dog

Passport for Mr Dog

by Rizo Black, 6 March 2016

If we plan holidays abroad with Mr.Dog, we have to comply with EU rules of “transferring pets within the EU” (valid since 29.12.2014r.).

    Pets must be identified by a „MICROCHIP”. It’s a tiny “something”, that a vet injects under pet’s skin with a thick needle. This treatment is painless, quick, safe and permanent. The moment of microchip implantation feels for the animal like an injection. The implant is biocompatible and does not cause any allergic reactions. It does not need any energy source, so it works for years.
    It is also possible, that the pet was TATOOED, but such identification will be recognized only if it had been done before 3rd July 2011 and the pet’s owner has a confirming document.
    Pets must be vaccinated against RABIES. In the case of the FIRST vaccination (at the age of over 3 months), the vaccine gets validated only after 21 days since the day of vaccinating. As for the CONSEQUENT vaccinations, which were administered regularly (ie. follow-up doses), the vaccine is valid the day it was given.IMPORTANT! The vaccination date can’t be earlier than the date of microchip implantation (so: first the microchip, then the vaccine).
    The document is issued by a legitimate vet. To issue a pet-passport, the pet must be 1) “microchipped” and 2) have a valid rabies vaccine (which will be confirmed in the passport).paszport
    When travelling to the UK, IRELAND, FINLAND, NORWAY and MALTA the dogs are required to undergo a special anti-TAPEWORM (Echinococcus multilocularis) TREATMENT every time you want to enter the UK. Your vet must treat your dog and RECORD it in the pet-passport (‘Echinococcus treatment’ section). The required information:
    – the name and manufacturer of the product
    – the date and time they treated your dog
    – their stamp and signature
    The treatment MUST be given within 1 AND 5 DAYS (between 24 and 120 hours) before you’re going to enter the country. Otherwise the pet can be refused entry or put into quarantine.
    (info. www.gov.uk)

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