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Restaurant decides: “No kids – dogs welcome!”

Restaurant decides: “No kids – dogs welcome!”

by Rizo Black, 16 May 2017

This quite controversial policy was introduced by very renowned “Flynn’s Restaurant” in Yungaburrain, Queensland, Australia. The restaurant is a classy location: it was awarded the Best European Restaurant for North Queensland by Restaurant and Catering Queensland in 2013, 2008 and 2007.

The restaurant owner, Liam Flynn, has made this weighty decision after an INCIDENT when a couple were dining and their two-year-old baby became upset and started crying loudly. The restaurateur asked the mum to calm the baby down, as it might have been disturbing to the other customers enjoying their meal. But the baby continued the ‘Gregorian choirs’, so Mr Lynn asked the parent to go out with the baby. The baby’s mother, Christine Hall, was outraged and gave a very bad review on TripAdvisor website. She also accused Mr Flynn of being harsh and impolite. She excused herself with the following explanation: “Our little one wasn’t misbehaving or wreaking havoc,” she wrote. “We were tucked in the furthest corner and [there were] only two other guests in an adjacent room.”

Mr Lynn says how it really went: ‘I was brisk when I came out and spoke to her as I was already busy in the kitchen preparing all the food. But after I spoke to her, the child continued to scream and it just got louder. The mother should have considered other guests and taken the child out of the situation.’

After this nasty incident the restaurant banned children under seven years of age. Why? The restaurant’s manager Sonia Tymecka explains:

The owner stated: “If one pays money for having an ENJOYABLE lunch during an anniversary or honeymoon, please do yourself and other patrons a favour by getting a babysitter or by removing the screaming baby from the room.” and added: “I have a responsibility to my dining guests – they’re paying big bucks, and the night has to be PERFECT.”

However the restaurant banned young children, Flynn’s is happy to serve the family dogs. He says: “We are dog lovers, we accommodate dogs at our restaurant, because DOGS ARE WELL-BEHAVED.” – stated Mr Flynn in the New Zealand Herald interview. “We like children too, but we like well-behaved children and better still parents who manage their children well and know what to do when they misbehave.

Since the restaurant announced the ban, their Facebook burst with POSTS supporting the child ban but as well criticizing it…

Sassell Hoff: ‘You guys just shot yourselves in the foot. You will feed dogs in your restaurant but not children????? Absolute joke!!’

But the restaurant did not get bullied and replied: ‘All the dogs in the Tablelands are welcome. Dog mats and water provided on arrival, lol.’ 😉

And the next day they wrote on Facebook: “We will stand by our policy to provide our diners with excellent food and service in a NOISE-FREE environment.”

We, dog lovers, probably can imagine the DIFFERENCE 😉

There are also a few places in the US, Japan, Canada which have recently banned kids in their locales, like an Italian upscale restaurant Caruso in Mooresville, N.C. The restaurant banned children under the age of 5 and it went into effect in January 2017, gaining support from some customers and fierce condemnation from others.

“Actually the ban has led to a high increase in reservations”, said Nunez, the restaurant’s manager, “Caruso’s has seen a spike in diners, from about 50 per day to around 80.”



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