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Mr Dog’s sight

Mr Dog’s sight

by Rizo Black, 27 May 2016

Both people and dogs get older and their organism starts to malfunction. The worsening process concerns sight as well. But while we, humans tend to get farsighted with age, meaning we can see clearly distant objects and near ones (like text) is blurred, Mr Dog becomes SHORTSIGHTED, meaning he can see close objects clearly but distant objects are blurred.

Are such theories credible? Who can say this? The truth is, we can’t ask Mr Dog “Hey, can you read this text over there?”. These are the conclusions of a group of researchers from Nestle Purina Reserch Centre. The team used an autorefractor to measure the eye optics of twelve Beagles aged one to 14 years. They tested so called refractor error and: positive refractor error means the eye is farsighted, and negative refractor error that it’s shortsighted.
The tests showed, that the error in dogs between 10-14 years was about -2,5 diopters!
If you are not an optician or haven’t got an eye-defect yourself, it’s hard to imagine what the vision is.
To make you realise it, see the example images below:


And this is how Mr Dog probably sees you in the distance (but without all the colours, of course):


So, if you live with Mr Dog Senior, bear in mind that his sight is far from perfect now, and:

– don’t get angry and don’t laugh at him when he missed where the BALL had flown;

– if you notice Mr Dog BUMPS INTO furniture and objects at home, protect the CORNERS and edges, so he won’t hurt himself;

– watch him while on WALKS, as he might easily LOSE the sight of you and get lost (remember, that with age smell and hearing deteriorates, as well…)

As yet, we have to do the above but maybe soon there will be doggy-glasses available…? (in pet-shops or dog-optician?) 🙂

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