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Mr Dog in Karkonosze Mountains

Mr Dog in Karkonosze Mountains

by Rizo Black, 5 August 2015

A wonderful week trip! Rizo is fit and loves mountains so 15-20km. a day made him feel in heaven. We set off from Karpacz.

After the night and delicious breakfast in the Hotel, where we also left the car for the few days, we hitch-hiked to Szklarska PorÄ™ba. Then, equipped with backpacks with clothes, water, our and Rizo’s food (the heaviest stuff) we headed towards the KamieÅ„czyk Waterfall route. Sweating as hell (up all the time) we reached Hala Szrenicka. In fact the distance was not very long, but we really felt the up-hill hike in our muscles and it was just enough as for the 1st day. Cool beer and “Russian dumplings” (“ruskie pierogi” = dumplings filled with mashed potatoes, white cheese and onion) tasted the best, and the kitchen shared some sausages with our Doggy 🙂 At the evening walk Rizo got crazy with the endless “mountain lawn” he had to pee up.

We spent the night up in the clouds in pitch-blackness, as there was nothing that could produce the faintest ray of light that would came through any of the windows. Only hundreds of far away space-eyes peering at us from above. The morning pancakes and coffee were the great beginning of the day and we set off along the route via MaÅ‚y and Wielki Szyszak (Little and Big Casque) – the peaks made of stones…


…towards Czech Republic and the hostel with its own brewery – Lucni Bouda. Rizo could enter the bar with us and enjoy the evening meal and beer with nobody grumbling.

IMG_2480The next morning: breakfast with Rizo keeping us company and snatching a few warm sausages. Then, off we marched towards Åšnieżka Peak (“SnowBeautyPeak”) – the highest peak in the area. A steep walk seemed nothing for our Mr. Four-Paws, but we were dead-tired and hardly crawled up to the top… In the restaurant on the top we had lunch and cold beer. Rizo came in with us and was lucky, as a man sitting next to us couldn’t manage a juicy (but a bit sinewy) lump of stewed pork and Rizo was asked to finish it, which he happily accepted.

Next, we circled Åšnieżka to “attack” it from the other side and we climbed down to Samotnia Hostel (Hermit Shelter), where the dog wandered freely anywhere.

The following day we went down to Karpacz to check if our car was still there 🙂 and after the overnight we headed home.


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