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Mr Dog can enter the bank? Yes!

Mr Dog can enter the bank? Yes!

by Rizo Black, 11 December 2016

Dear Doggers!!! Great news before Xmas! Bank Ochrony Środowiska (BOŚ – Polish Environment Protection Bank) is the first bank in Poland, which oficially allowed their customers to ENTER the premises WITH their DOGS <3
Since now, Mr Dog will be spared from stress of wainting in front of the bank. When walking with your dog and passing your bank, where you have some things to do, you can now enter together. It will SAVE TIME & STRESS (both to us and Mr Dog).

In November the bank launched a CAMPAIGN #Psyzdobywajabank to help dogs shelters. Everybody who takes a bank loan, can donate a bag of dog FOOD to a chosen shelter. The food is sponsored by the bank.

We are very much FOR IT! Finally, Poland joins CIVILISED EUROPE (after Italy and Germany, where it is possible to enter public places with dogs)!

Source: Bank Ochrony Środowiska

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