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LEGOland with a dog?

LEGOland with a dog?

by Rizo Black, 20 September 2017

YES! Dogs can keep us company in Legoland and not only the ones made of lego blocks 😉

We received this NEWS from one of our fans – Andrzej, who visited Legoland 2 weeks ago with his Family & an adopted Mrs Doggy and sent us the below photo:

At first we got a “jaw-drop” 😉 but then did some research and YES – that’s a FACT – we are allowed to visit Legoland with Mr Dog and that’s why Legoland joins our dog friendly MAP!

Of course, there are RULES to be obeyed:

  1. We have to clean after Mr Dog (but it is normal, isn’t it?)
    but if, alas, we forget to take poobags, we can receive them from the ticket inspectors at the entrance.
  2. Mr Dog is not allowed at “rides
    and this is more than logical; firstly, such ‘attractions’ are very stressful for Mr Dog & secondly, Legoland assures security and prevents Mr Dog from a potential accident.
  3. Mr Dog is not allowed to enter the restaurant
    and this is something we do not like, as dogs are often more polite in restaurants than kids 😉
  4. Mr Dog can’t be left unattended and must be supervised all the time
    by all means, this is logical – would anyone leave Mr Dog alone in a crowd on “strange grounds” ??? But this also excludes leaving Mr Dog in front of the restaurant. Hopefully there are outside restaurant areas  😉
  5. Mr Dog must be on a fixed leash,  not on a recractable one
    we guess it’s the matter of safety of other visitors & to prevent someone stumbling over the “string”… or to avoid “loose” Mr Dog biting someone’s leg  😉
  6. Water bowls are availabe near toilet buildings
    the bowls are, but of course, made of lego-blocks! 🙂 and (as Andrzej reports) the water was clean and fresh. But nonetheless, we opt for taking our own tourist water-bowl and, if needed, fill it with tap water in the toilet.(wersja angielska TU)

On one hand it’s cool, but on the other: Legoland is not a dream place for Mr Dog, as the CROWDS and millions of SMELLS can be very stressful. For sure, Mr Dog  prefers running in a forest or across a meadow and splash in water… But if we have kids & a dog, it is a great option to provide fun to the kids & spend time together without leaving Mr Dog. But remember to make it up to Mr Dg later on and take him for a looooong walk  😉

P.S. We can spend a NIGHT there, too, as Hotel Legoland allows dogs for 200 DDK per day (in selected rooms: Kids House, Pirate and Standard).


    • Tatiana
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    • January 5, 2018

    On the Legoland site says pets are not permitted... only serviced dogs...

      • Rizo Black
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      • January 5, 2018

      We received an official statement from the Danish Legoland spokesman confirming the access of dogs and there is also a specific section on it on their web: https://servicecenter.legoland.dk/hc/en-us/articles/202176692-Dogs

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