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Heat stroke in dog: symptoms and protection

Heat stroke in dog: symptoms and protection

by Rizo Black, 1 August 2017

A heat stroke in dogs is a FREQUENT PROBLEM: the survey of vets in UK found that 48% of vet clinics had to treat dogs for heat stroke during the summer. Read this to MINIMALIZE the risk of stroke in your Mr Dog:


– carry water with you when walking your dog
don’t exercise / run in hot weather – switch to slow games like tracing / hide-and-seek
– keep the dog out of sun (make sure he’s in shaded space)
– make sure the dog has access to WATER & drinks sufficiently (you may add ice to the water bowl)
– reduce or stop using a MUZZLE (as it hinders ventilation – the mouth is dog’s “air-condition”)
– don’t leave the dog in enclosed

We must remember, that some dogs are at greater risk of heatstroke than others:
– brachycephalic breeds,
– senior dogs,
– puppies,
– dogs with chronic health conditions

 Symptoms of overheating in dogs

  1. heavy panting
  2. loss of energy, weakness
  3. excessive drooling (ptyalism)
  4. excessive thirst
  5. bright gums & dark red tongue
  6. elevated body temperature (over 39° C)
  7. rapid heart rate
  8. staggering / loss of movement coordination (unable to catch a ball / point at a bowl, etc.)
  9. reduced or stopped urination (dog produces only small amounts of urine or no urine)


If you notice any of the above symptoms, you should try to cool him down.
If you are at a walk:
– stop in a shaded area
– give some fresh water
– we can use a stream or pond to cool down (but lead the dog into water gradually)
At home:
– reduce your dog’s temperature by putting cool wet towels over his neck, under his armpits, and between his hind legs (there are also “cooling mats” available)
– wet his ear flaps and paw pads with cool water (not ice – may be too much of a shock)

If things don’t improve quickly, take your pet to your vet.

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