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Dogs participate in funeral

Dogs participate in funeral

by Rizo Black, 13 February 2017

Spain, namely BARCELONA, is getting more and more DOG-FRIENDLY! Do you remember January, when St. Anna’s church in Barcelona allowed HOMELESS people stay in the church with their dogs during the wave of frost? (because shelters for the homeless do not accept dogs). Now they MADE ANOTHER STEP!

Last Thursday (09/02/2017) in Barcelona’s church of St. Vincent de Sarria there was a FUNERAL with DOGS with owners participating. Why? Because this was a memorial of a “DOG – WALKER” Xavier Llebaria, who allegedly loved DOGS MORE THAN PEOPLE.

He had been a pet-sitter for ca. 15 years and his devotion to dogs was widely appreciated. Dog owners, whose dogs he walked, liked him a lot and helped him with food, money or clothes.

He was a recognized and popular person in the district, so the community decided, they would pay him HONOUR together with his beloved dogs.

There, of course, was the RISK of peeing, pooing or barking, but the parish priest decided that: “Dogs are God creatures as well.”
The dogs behaved! There were no INCIDENTS despite a few dogs HOWLING at “Santa, Santa, Santa” and a black Schnautzer barking (with great 10-century acoustics).

Here you can read original Spanish version

all pictures by ElPeriodico (07/02/2017)

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