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Etiquette: Mr Dog in a restaurant

Etiquette: Mr Dog in a restaurant

by Rizo Black, 14 January 2016

We’ve finally found a dog-friendly place, we’ve comfortably sat back and Mr.Dog has sniffed the floor around… remember NOT to leave the restaurant’s Owner with a TRAUMA after our visit :)  Let’s stick to the “Doggy Etiquette”:

Zuza Rutkowska

fot. Zuza Rutkowska

Below are the points we and Mr.Dog should watch:

  • Mr.Dog can’t be aggressive and shouldn’t bark, as it may be as disturbing as a crying baby in a restaurant… (unless somebody really ‘bad’ enters – then it’s uncontrollable! In this case try to calm Mr.Dog asap!)
  • other guests can see Mr.Dog, but not smell him ! (remember to bathe him once in a while 😉 )
  • Mr.Dog should be on a leash and shouldn’t wander around the place. as it may be irritating for other guests. In a pessimistic scenario: he may trip a waiter up – Ooops!!!
  • the staff shouldn’t cuddle or stroke Mr.Dog, as they have contact with food
  • don’t feed Mr.Dog with the cutlery or don’t let him lick up a plate as it is “indirect contact with food”
  • Processed with MOLDIV

    fot. Rizo Black

  • it’s better not to place Mr.Dog on a chair (although we’ve seen such cases in Wives of Hollzwood series or in Italy)
  • should Mr.Dog mistake a chair (or bar) for the toilet, immediately help to clean ‘it’ and apologize profusely to the staff! (hope it never happens to You)

It’s getting more and more dog-friendly in Poland and Mr.Dog is already welcome in many places, but we still are far from Italy…

ENJOY Your trips to bars with Mr.Dog!!!

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