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Dogfriendly Europe vs the States

Dogfriendly Europe vs the States

by Rizo Black, 26 September 2016

In Europe we are witnessing the process of rising dogfriendliness. More and more countries are becoming dogfriendly in different aspects. As Mr Dog has become an integral part of human and urban society, it is natural, that the laws and regulations have to adjust to reality and social needs to facilitate the life of ‘dogparents’. Except for poo-bags and poo-bins in almost every bigger city, there are dog-parks or dog-areas, where Mr Dog can socialise with other Mr Dogs. But there are also dog-kindergartens, which are becoming especially popular in e.g. France, Sweden, Germany. These are places where you can leave your Furry in company of other Dogs, while spending long hours at work. This way, you become a conscious owner and avoid turning your dog’s life into a constant boredom.
However, the most important and life-facilitating change is that more and more hotels, eating-places and shops accept our fur babies. It saves you from the dilemma ‘to go or not to go’, when you look at your Dogson tilted head with the sad face telling “Really? Leaving again…???” In Italy, Poland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and others, you can not only sip beer or coffee outside with Mr Dog, but enter the bar or shop together. While we, Europeans got quite used to this fact, American dog-lovers are happy, only because 6th state allowed dogs dine with their people OUTSIDE. In the USA it’s ‘WOW REACTION’ if you can take Mr Dog to an outside patio (with no chance to enter).
Florida was the first to allow it (in 2006) and other ‘dogfriendly’ states followed:
Georgia, Houston, New York (but only in places, where no food is prepared – hmmm…so, what? Canned coffee and plastic sandwiches bar…? Absurd!), California (but the bar-owner can let a furry guests on their patio only after waiting 30 days after having applied for permission) and Maryland. Of course, it the law gives only the right to allow it, but all depends on the owner. And that’s the only similarity with Europe.

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