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Campaign “Mr Dog In Public Space”.

Dog is a SOCIAL ANIMAL. A Man domesticated Dogs several thousand years ago to separate them from wolves and make them a good companion. Now, we have to take RESPONSIBILITY for it.
Roles of a Dog have changed over the centuries: a guard, a shepherd, a hunter, a companion.
Until recently, the habitat of a Dog was the COUNTRYSIDE and his role was limited to “utilitarian”: he watched the yard on a chain, helped in hunting or herded sheep. But today, along with the trend for “companion dogs” (Yorkshire Terriers, Wests, French Bulldogs, Pugs, Shitzu, Poodles, ….), Mr Dog has entered the PUBLIC SPACE and many CITY-people own a Dog, but… the public space seems not to be ready for such turn of events. Mr Dog bumps into many BANS and obstructions.
Often negative attitude, not to say DISCRIMINATION of DogOwners, results in people leaving their Dogs at home for hours to avoid problems. And who SUFFERS? Mr Dog! As a SOCIAL CREATURE he needs to be with his Owner and not to DIE of BOREDOM closed at home! We have to realise, that ISOLATION of a Dog can lead to psychological and behavioral disorders like depression, fear or aggression.

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Leaving your Dog at home when you’re at work is not a CRIME, but when after 8 hours you come back, take Mr Dog for a quick “pee” and leave Him again because you go for coffee or beer in town IS NOT FAIR! Take Mr Dog with you!

THE AIM of our campaign is to improve the comfort of city DogOwners and their Dogs by introducing Mr Dog into the SOCIETY and public space and to show his ‘pawsitive’ image as a friendly, sociable creature, who is something more than a “pavement-poo-producer”. So let’s take Mr Dog with us whereever we can, CLEAN after Him and create positive attitude among people!

We believe, that once Mr Dog is seen POSITIVELY, once he becomes a PART OF SOCIETY and we SPEAK about his SOCIAL NEEDS, we can change the TREATMENT of dogs.
We truly hope that such ACTIONS will result in DOWNSIZING the number of animal ABUSE and PRE-HOLIDAYS abondonment of dogs …

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Are you the OWNER / MANAGER of a petfriendly HOTEL / CAMPING / BAR / RESTAURANT?
Contact us and get a special STICKER – CERTIFICATE and JOIN our MAP !

NAKLEJKA DOG IN TRAVEL - kolor - 17_04_2016

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