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Is Bravecto safe? What you should know.

Is Bravecto safe? What you should know.

by Rizo Black, 26 March 2017

There is a massive action in the Net to REMOVE Bravecto from the market. In June 2015  a post about Bravecto went viral in social media and ever since CONTROVERSY around this product has not stopped increasing.

According to Channel 2 Consumer Investigator Jim Strickland and an FDA report Strickland obtained 355 dogs have died since the pill’s release in 2014. European regulators have recorded 800 death reports worldwide.

(…) “I believe that Bravecto killed my dog,” Donna White of Buckhead told Strickland. “That’s the only thing I changed his entire life.” White’s dog, JoJo, vomited the first two times she gave him Bravecto, which is a known side effect. But 12 hours after the third dose, he had to be rushed to the veterinarian for emergency CPR. It didn’t work and JoJo died. (…) (full article here)

photo credit: Channel 2 (Atlanta)

TV PROGRAMS on dangers of Bravecto

USA: click! – Feb. 2017

Germany: click! – March 2017

The Netherlands here – CLICK! and CLICK! – Oct. 2016 and Feb. 2017


There are more and more reports on Bravecto related SIDE EFFECTS, adverse reactions and even DEATHS of dogs (!). To help dog and cat owners communicate, there has been a special Facebook GROUP started “Does Bravecto Kill Dogs?” where people share their experiences with Bravecto and its effects.

Other FB groups:



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PDF file to download WARTO !

We did OUR OWN RESEARCH and what we found on governmental and non-governmental sites is really DISTURBING:

We must be AWARE that:
1. this kind of medicines (isoxazolines) has been used on dogs for 2 years only (since 2014 – so there are no studies on long-term effects and impact on dogs health).

2. There is no clear evidence on the harmful effects and death caused by this drug, as no post-mortem tests have been done on deceased dogs (more info). The Vet involved in the anti-Bravecto battle has read numerous reports on post mortem, contacted the pathologists, who wrote the reports, talked to veterinary pharmacologists and toxicologists, but none of them has looked at the cause of death taking into account this drug

3. when finally the medicine had been tested, the producer of Bravecto did not allow the European Medicine Agency to release results of 3 toxicity studies and sued EMA to court (!!!) (it applies to Intervet’s Bravecto (fluralaner) The court’s decision is from March this year full INFO HERE

4. the dog must be perfectly healthy, so your vet, before administering the drug, should first examine the dog (pancreas, liver, heart, kidneys) and then you should regularly do check up tests if nothing disturbing is happening.

Photo credit: Bigstock

Theoretically, the number of cases of side effects is reported to be low, but this is probably because most dog owners DO NOT REPORT the side effects, that their dogs had suffered. Why? Because, firstly they do NOT KNOW where to report or, secondly, because they do NOT LINK the problems wth the drug.

But those cases, that have been reported so far are WORRYING. There are many reports of:
– severe pancreatic issues (including bloody vomit and diarrhoea)
– seizures
– skin problems,
– kidney failure
Those problems were reported worldwide and Many of them were very serious and needed veterinary treatment (sometimes very costly) to treat and save their dogs.

The European Medicine Agency reports on Bravecto (update at the end of June 2016) include:
– multiple general short-lived side effects,
– approximately 2000 serious cases of adverse reactions such as:
* seizures,
* renal failure,
* liver damage, etc,
including 470 deaths.

NOTE: these numbers are likely to be seriously understated since the FDA estimates that only ca. 1% of all side effects on drugs are actually reported.

And again – reasons for not reporting usually include the fact that many people do not know that they can report the reactions and if they do know, they do not know how to go about it.

Should you need help in reporting any reaction to Bravecto, including the death of your furkid, please visit the Facebook group “Does Bravecto Kill Dogs?” by following the link provided below, and we will help you with pleasure to file your report.

Once given to your dog Bravecto stays in the system for at least three months.
There is NO ANTIDOTE (“detox”) AVAILABLE.

Although the PRODUCER of Bravecto, Merck (aka MSD), the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration) and other government agencies have received numerous reports on SIDE EFFECTS of the drug, the PROBLEM is not being DEALT with properly.

Moreover, MSD (the producer of Bravecto) states that the testing was extensive, but it turns out, that the study for FDA approval was done on slightly more than 200 dogs…

That’s what is written on the producer’s LEAFLET:
“Why is Bravecto approved?
The Agency’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use (CVMP) concluded that Bravecto’s benefits are greater than its risks and recommended that it be approved for use in the EU.”

Does it convince you…? Read more also here: D for Dog



Links to the FDA report1 / report2 / report3 of side effects.

Link to some cases of side effects of dogs which had seizures, some of which resulting in death.

Link to a You Tube video showing side effects or death after taking Bravecto

photo credit: DogsAholic

The following breeds are included in the reports received from the European Medicine Agency:

Alaskan Malamute (6) Akita (4) American Bulldog (4) American Cocker Spaniel (8) American Eskimo Spitz (5) American Staffordshire Terrier (2) Australian Cattle Dog (6) Australian Shepherd Dog (23) Australian Terrier Australian Kelpie, Basset Griffon Vendeen Basset Hound (5) Beauce Sheepdog – Beauceron (2) Beagle (20) Bearded Collie (3) Berger De Brie – Briard (3) Belgian Shepherd Malinois (5) Belgian Griffon Bernese Mountain Dog (9) Bichon Frise (17) Border Collie (31) Border Terrier Borzoi Boston Terrier (9) Boxer – German (35) Brittany (4) Bulldog (4) Bullmastiff Bull Terrier (6) Cairn Terrior (11) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (20) Chesapeake Bay Retriever Chin Chihuahua (34) Collie Rough Corso dog (2) Continental Toy Spaniel Papillon (7) Coton De Tulear (3) Chow Chow (4) Dachshund (standard) wire haired (2) Dachshund (standard) smooth Dachshund (standard) long haired Dalmatian (3) Doberman (9) Dogo Argentino Dogue De Bordeaux (2) English Bulldog English Cocker Spaniel (10) English Setter (6) English Springer Spaniel (9) English Toy Terrier (10) Flat Coated Retriever (6) Fox Terrier Smooth French Bulldog (20) French Spaniel French Wire Haired Pointing Griffon (2) German Shepherd (46) German Short Haired Pointing Dog (3) German Spitz Pomeranian (16) German Hunting Terrier (2) German Wire Haired Pointing Dog Giant Schnauzer (3) Golden Retriever (46) Great Dane (6) Greyhound (6) Hovawort (3) Human – Yes Human – (25) Hungarian Short Haired Pointing Dog – Visla Irish Red and White Setter Irish Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier (2) Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier Italian Greyhound Jack Russell Terrier (28) Japanese Spitz (2) King Charles Spaniel (3) Kuvasz (2) Lancashire Heeler Labrador Retriever (115) Large Münsterländer  Lhaso Apso (14) Maltese (14) Mastiff (5) Medium size Poodle Miniature Dachshund (14) Miniature Pinscher (6) Miniature Poodle (12) Miniature Schnauzer (24) Münsterländer Neapolitan Mastiff (2) Newfoundland (3) Norwegian Buhund Norwegian Elkhound Grey (2) Norwegian Forest Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (4) Old English Sheepdog (2) Pekingese (7) Polish Lowland Sheepdog Portuguese Water Spaniel Pug (16) Pyrenean Mountain Dog (3)Rhodesian Ridgeback (2) Rottweiler (14) Saint Bernard (5) Scottish Terrier (2) Schnauzer (4) Shetland Sheepdog (5) Shar Pei (4) Shiba Inu (2) Shih Tzu (34) Siberian Husky (15) Small Münsterländer (2) Standard Poodle (30) Staffordshire Bull Terrier (8) Tibetan Mastiff Tibetan Spaniel Tibetan Terrier (3) Toy Poodle (6) Weimaraner (5) Welsh Corgi Cardigan Welsh Corgi Pembroke (3) Welsh Springer Spaniel (2) Welsh Terrier West Highland White Terrier (12) Whippet (2) Yorkshire Terrier (61)

The following countries have reported:

United States, Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Czech, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Grenada, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Puerto Rico, Spain, Slovenia, Sweden, South Africa and United Kingdom.

It’s important that everybody who has had a bad experience with Bravecto reports the incidence to MSD (Merck aka Intervet – the producer), the FDA (in the USA) or the appropriate authority for the regulation of veterinary medicine in your country.
In Europe the authority is the European Medicine Agency.
Also you can report it to your vet, who should then file a report.
The more cases are reported, the higher the percentage will become and it will show if this drug should be removed from the shelves. The reliable data would be if 100% of all cases are reported but in reality only ca. 1% of all cases are reported (as we wrote above). That’s why the producer is not concerned with their drug’s EFFECTS and states that “cases of adverse reaction is “rare” and “mild”. Dog owners, whose dogs suffered or died believe that exactly the opposite is true.


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    • June 4, 2017


  • Bravecto pesticide #Qrispy contre #Bravecto

    • John Bacon
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    • November 6, 2017

    My dog started showing the symptoms after taking his 3rd or 4th bravecto dose-drinking excssive water,lame /weak in back legs,seizure,vomitting,dark black poo,didn't touch food and lethargy,he is 15,7years old and when the vet said it's old age i agreed to euthanasia.My heart is broken after investigating bravecto on the web only to find out how many dogs had suffered the same fate since 2014 and nothing had been done about it by the manufacturers instead calling these deaths and near deaths coincidal.Only a week before a healthy wet nosed,happy dog.My condolences go out to those who have suffered these same what i believe preventable loss of mans best ever friend and for how much longer?

      • Rizo Black
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      • November 6, 2017

      John, thank you for sharing... I’m very sorry for your loss...

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